New Horizon – My nefelibata island.

img_1047via Photo Challenge: New Horizon

New Horizon

It’s not a new year’s resolution.

Not even a decision.

It’s more like a commitment i did with myself.

I was on this island two years ago. It was not a dream destination, not even a place i thought about before. But i’ve been thinking about it a lot ever since.

I can’t really tell what connects us so firmly to some places, as if a root of our own feet stubbornly stays there after we leave.

Maybe it was the hot humidity in the air, the blue green ocean, the humbleness of the tallest trees, the simple joyfulness in people’s smiles.

Sometimes i close my eyes and i can still feel the rough canoe borders hurting my hands while it rocked in the stormy sea, only few hours after i swore i’d never rode on it. I recall being so focused on something bigger than myself that i just forgot everything else.

All my best photos were taken there. No filters. And there’s such a light and sea salt breeze in each of them, that i feel like having a synaesthetic experience. The taste of dreams coming true.

I thought about returning before i left. I promised to do it just few weeks after. Earlier this year, i decided to go in November. Something came up. Time was just not right, i guess.

We have the chemistry, but we don’t have the timing. Yet. But we will.

And then i’ll know what is it that makes me feel so connected with you, my dream island.




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