Daily Prompt: Flee – Whispering still


via Daily Prompt: Flee


It was summer. The song was playing on my Spotify while… Well, all the while, actually.

In my car, while i was driving to the other side of the town to get my visa.

In my bluetooth column, while at home.

In my mind, while i was walking in my hospital corridors.

In my ipad, while on the plane.

If you ever bothered to scroll down and read my first posts, you’ll know how this blog started. I fulfilled a dream volunteering on a medical mission to Mozambique.

It felt like running, actually. It’s funny. We always feel like we’re running from something. Sometimes, if we’re lucky enough, we’re running after something. On rare occasions, like that one, we get to do both at the same time.

I was running after a dream. An idea that had been growing on my mind for some time. Something i had to live to know if i was up for it.

It was the middle of the day when we went to the hotel to get supplies. On my way back to the taxi, i saw this butterfly. She was just there, still, on the floor. I walked by, smiling. A few seconds later i stopped. I’d never get the picture. She would fly away. I took some steps back. She didn’t flee.

And in that moment i realized that i’d flee to anywhere in the world with my green scrubs, my blue jeans and my go! song.


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