A tale 4 places and an OR, wrapped around the city i won’t call home (Discover Challenge: Finding Your Place)

1512136_10151758935942024_508074965_ovia Discover Challenge: Finding Your Place

Finding Your Place

Take I – Paris, 2004

Paris would be the first stop from the interrail. The couple got there in the morning and headed directly to the hotel. She would never forget the big fainted green windows, the inviting parapet, the Montmartre view. They did a 48h visit the touristic spots thing and did not wander the city – she would become a wanderer only some years after.

She could remember the precise moment: the bus, crossing a bridge over the Seine. E in front of her, the lovers’ city scenario all around, a busy hot summer afternoon. She looked at him and, in that precise second, she knew. She didn’t want to be with him anymore.

Paris, 2013

It was her third visit to Paris. Sous le ciel de Paris had been playing all the week in their place. They’ve been there 2 years before and that had been when she wandered the city, falling in love somewhere between Shakespeare&Company and the river margins. She and G would always have the Paris vs London talk – him all into your majesty’s land, she completely surrendered after the Before the Sunset walk they did before.

She could never put it into words. That feeling of belonging to a place you never knew. How you breathe more deeply and slowly. How you feel so blended in the city it feels like you have no skin.

That was Paris for her. The city she would always want to hug.

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