This Maddening Year

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I came across this challenge after dancing for a while in my living room. I felt deeply happy and free. The reason for that is the thought that came to my mind after i read this article.

This year has been maddening. I ended a longstanding relationship – because it just didn’t feel right. I reached to some not so easy conclusions about myself, some of them very challenging – and changing. Even though i’m living the dream in my professional life, i’m plenty aware of the long and sometimes difficult road i have ahead – and i’ve faced the facts. And after two longstanding relationships, i found myself living on my own.

So most people, after reading this sum up, would think it has been one of my worst years ever.


Funny thing is, it’s was actually the best.

I could tell you all about how much i enjoy doing just what i want to do – work included. How i started to drive a scooter on daily basis, how i give long walks listening to music in this city i live in, how i lost my fear of flight as if by magic. I came across people who really changed me, people who became my newest friends, people with whom i lived extraordinary moments.

There are some pieces of this year that are stuck in my memory like post-its. Getting up after falling from my scooter. Feeling amazing for overcoming some kind of sadness after running in a park. Listening to music under the bridge, after walking for miles and in my rocking chair, after crying my heart out. Driving to amazing sceneries in a roadtrip and watching the sea from above in a lighthouse, screaming Alles Gute liegt vor dir… Getting inside a plane to do a 10h trip to make a dream come true. Offer my legs to the sunlight in a cruiseship. Wandering the streets of an unknown city, taking pictures and writing stories.

And the common ground in all this moments is this: i was always on my own when they happened.

So… Although it was in fact a maddening year, i’m happier now than i’ve ever been. I feel more alive than ever before and i enjoy every single second i breathe.

And travelling alone was in fact one of the triggers.

Why was i dancing, happy and free?

Because i realised the best thing that happened to me this year… Was me!




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