“There is no way to happiness…” (Daily Prompt: Relax)

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One of the biggest challenges in life consists in learning to deal with the fact that there are things we can’t control. Most of them, actually.

We just want to know. What’s gonna happen? Is it worth it? What is this or that person thinking or feeling?

We want to be in charge. We want to control.

Truth is… We know nothing and we control barely anything. We know facts about other people, but we only get to really know them when we live experiences together. We sometimes invest so much of us on someone or something, only to realize “life had other plans”. We plan to go out and have dinner and then a small twist of fate keeps us at work, home or somewhere else.

Call it destiny, call it karma… Or just call it life.

Living has a life of it’s own. And so we get to decide very little about it. And sometimes, sometimes we realize just how fortunate we were in that particular moment for not having the power to choose, to decide on something – because everything went for the better, even though it all happened in the crazy and amazing way life moves.

It’s a butterfly effect. Someone wakes up earlier somewhere else and this small fact, by itself, can trigger a series of domino effects that will make you meet the person who will change you forever.

And there’s beauty to it.

So buckle up, and relax. Be curious and, most of all, enjoy the ride…

“There is no way to happiness… Happiness is the way…”


3 thoughts on ““There is no way to happiness…” (Daily Prompt: Relax)

  1. Well… look, these line are my Bible these days… i re and re read them… how true! Things that we cannot control ! … i face lots of them right now, and these words are soo helping… changed plans, surprises …. there is a song of Fairuz saying “ala maahlak” means “slowly” … how we need words and music to make life easier and bueatifull!


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