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I’ve always been an intuitive person.

And this goes for the small things, as deciding to buy the album of the what would be my favourite band because of the booklet art cover, as for the big things, like realising what my path is.

There are no “i’ve always knew”‘s on my life.

I never knew i wanted to be a doctor. Truth is, for years, i actually despised and dismissed the idea. Until that day when i had this hunch, this intuition and i just knew.

I like to believe there are certain places and people that we are bound to meet in our life. How we get to them and how we live in the meantime, that is ours to choose. But when we find this places, when we meet this people, there’s something different about them. We have a thing for them, an attraction, an unexplainable bounding. We feel drawn to them.

I’ve only had this feeling about very few things and places in my live – and even for less persons. And they became my certainties, my inner roots. They are what defines me.

I don’t know if we choose our path or if we are chosen for it. What i do know is that there are these forces of attraction that draw us to certain somethings, somewheres or someones – and they’re not always ours to understand. We only need to embrace them, trust our intuition and fly in this rare and extraordinary leaps of faith that for some reason are ours to live.


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