Collide(d) – Here’s to us


We’re both in our beds, talking. This used to be one of our things and i find it almost comforting to be there with her again. As if nothing has changed. The big book on her lap is a reminder, though, that we collided for a brief moment in time and then drifted quickly apart, like two atomic particles speeding in the universe.

I’m different, too. So although we share inner thoughts and feelings, like we used to, as if we’ve done it the day before, it all feels to me like a long distance call.

I’m somewhere else. We both are.

The invisible bond we share is now different – or perhaps i’m seeing it differently. As if we felt out of each other orbits, but we still find a small space in the big universe to connect.
She’s sitting on the bed and I almost see her wings unfolded, ready to fly somewhere else. I feel nothing but proud of her.

So here’s to us.

We hug goodbye. I disconnect the moment my feet cross the door, focusing in anticipation in something else.

I unfolded the last knot tying me to this place.

I feel Festive


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