The Pandora Box effect, the wanderlust and our retreats


via Daily Prompt: Retreat

Some things in life are true Pandora boxes (negative consequences not mandatory). Once we’ve found or lived them somehow, life won’t just be the same. Never. There’s a before and after; they become our life’s road signs. We recognise the impact they had in our choices from then on, in our path turns, in ourselves.

2016 was definitely my Pandora box year.

In fact, now that i think of it, i don’t know which is more accurate: did i open the Pandora boxes or did life open my owns? Perhaps it’s a both sides story…

One of my Pandora boxes was travelling alone. I realise i’m not afraid to die anymore when i drove alone across the spanish roads. I noticed how little i need with me to carry on while on a boat on a greek sea.

Being on my own became my Retreat. There’s this place called home i carry with me everywhere, where i am happier than anywhere else. Don’t get me wrong, i’m a social person. I have friends, people who mean the world to me. But this place i found is a place where happiness does not rely on anyone else but me. I became more detached, more independent, and strong, and yet i never felt so deeply in love with the life and the world and people around me.

As for the other Pandora boxes… I’m not still quite sure what they mean, where they will lead me to. But finding the answer is part of the fun…

When Pandora opened the box, there was one thing that did not run away from it, that was kept inside: HOPE. And i can only wish that i’ll always have this hope on so many things inside of me, no matter how many Pandora boxes are opened…


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