12 months, 12 photos

via Discover Challenge: Retrospective

I’ve been gathering some photos to make a 2016 Retrospective in different posts, so this challenge was just right in time.

I’ve made a balance of this year’s boxes, paths and madnesses.

I’ll now gather some pictures which illustrate different moments from each of the 12 months.


January, the unbearable lightness of what still did not become a weight to carry.

fevereiroFebruary, a time compass falling down the abyss.

marc%cc%a7oMarch(ing) and moving.

abrilApril hope.

maioMay and what might have been.

junhoJune and the lighthouses helping me to find my everglow.

julhoJuly, enjoying the beach again.

Agosto.jpgAugust, making dreams come true in Mozambique.

Setembro.jpgSeptember, working hard, counting down and enduring.

Outubro.jpgOctober, finding the summer that was not ending in Greece.

novembroNovember, getting inside this plane to Italy felt like breathing again.

Dezember.jpgDezember, where i stand.



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