First item first – again

via Daily Prompt: Renewal


On the train to Verona, I came across my 2016 list by chance. I find it peculiar. It’s not a to do/ decisions/ this year i’ll finally do it list, but I wouldn’t call it a wish list also. It’s more of a making sense list. The sort of thing you write when you know where you are, where you want to go and write it down, hopeful that, somehow, you’ll manage to get there.

There’s only 3 items on it.

The first was the innermost one. Something I wrote when thinking about a particular someone, on an out of the ordinary circumstance. I cannot say I accomplished it, at least not the way I thought about it while writing it down. But somehow, I realize, I did it differently, for different people. And I think that by doing it I gave a little happiness to people who crossed my path. So that’s ok.

The second one was to go somewhere I’ve never been before, alone or with friends. This one, I totally nailed it. I went to new places by myself, with friends, to meet friends, to meet people for the first time. I’ve been in at least 10 new cities and 2 new countries. I travelled by car, by train, boat and plane. I met new people and I stay in touch with some of them. Being reminded of how much I like to travel and write was what made me start this blog.

The last one is not exactly something you can do. It’s more of a pledge, or a reminder of something I like to keep in mind. “Courage is not the absence of fear”. So, even if we’re scared, that’s ok, it doesn’t mean we can’t do it. And i overcame so many fears this year…

So now 2017 is about to knock on our doors.

I won’t have a decisions list. No resolutions. There are of course things i’d like to accomplish, plans that have been on my mind for a while now and i want to put them into action.

But most of all, i’ll put that first item on my new year’s header again:

Do something insanely beautiful.

And that’s my Renewal


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