I won’t apologize for my dreams

via Daily Prompt: Interior


There are some things that have been in my Interior for a while now. Convictions, certainties. The type of things that sometimes are hard to explain.

I feel i’m on my way. And that makes me live a bit differently from most people i know. They think i’m crazy. Different. Some of them don’t like me. I know it because i read it in their eyes. And even though at times i feel worn out, so far i’ve never felt that i’m wrong and they are right or the other way round. I just think we have different choices. And i get to keep mine. Being treated like an outsider is part of the payoff, i guess.

Sometimes is hard. Specially when i keep listening to the same comments from closer ones. The ones who should be proud of me for having the courage to follow my dreams. The courage to be happy.

I think that’s what most people do not get. It takes courage to be happy. To follow your dreams. To stand for them fiercely but in peace – there’s not even another choice.

That being said, i also have the privilege of having someone by my side who crossed my path and changed it. I’ve never met no one with whom i get along so easily well. So yes, there’s a before and after. And although i won’t say it out loud, this is what you gave me: an everglow.

And that’s my resilience when everything else just seems to fall apart.


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