Heart or brain? Heart. Always.

via Daily Prompt: Float


Life can be challenging when it comes to brain vs heart battles. Our heart or our guts can tell us one thing, but the mind will be struggling to be heard.

One of the most difficult decisions i ever made was a heart choice. And my brain was like, ok, we’ll go that way, but kept bothering me with what ifs and reasonings etc. So far i do not regret the choice.

Later, my heart just ran straight to the abyss, with my brain running behind it and screaming waaaiiiitttt where are we going, for God’s sake? Well, with this one, i flyed dreamingly for a while. And at some point it hurted like hell. Still, i don’t regret it.

So this is to tell you that i’ve been making some seriously theoretically and rationally very bad choices. Because i’m following my heart.

The thing is, this time there are no battles. This is me. Heart choices winning, even when it seems a terrible choice to my brain. Many would even say it’s absurd. Perhaps it is… Although i can rationally argue in my heart’s defense, i know who got to choose. And why. Because i’m not thinking, i’m just enjoying the ride and standing up for what i believe in. I’m rationally following my heart, letting it win, because there are things in life which are so much bigger than what seems to be the logical choice.

So i’ll just let it Float. No more battles, struggles or inner storms.

Maybe it’s insane… But then again, “I was never insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched”.

But if we’re insane enough to believe in it, then we might as well just be insane enough to make it happen.



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