Where Alice in Wonderland and São Tomé meet

via Daily Prompt: Unseen


Looking at the picture of this two kids, one can only feel the joy in the simplicity of their playground. We smile back to the picture, think about childhood. We might even condescend at their innocence. The poverty beyond it, the lack of opportunities, the things they can’t afford, they’re all Unseen.

I’ve been looking at this photo a lot this week. I took it in São Tomé 2 years ago and something made me go back to it. I remember when and why i took it. And what i thought in that moment, is exactly what i think now: i wish i could afford they kept playing like this.

When Alice asked the Cheshire cat which road to take, he asked back: Where do you want to go? I  don’t know – she answered. Then it doesn’t matter – he simply replied.

Both the dialogue and the picture are connected in my head. Because the kids in the picture are the only reason i know where i want to go. They’re my purpose and my reason.

I’m just a player in all this. A part of the process. Hopefully, a way to make something beautiful and far greater than my own life happen.

There are some drawbacks, though. Lately i realised that when i allow some feelings to fill up too much of myself, or too much of my time, i slip. I get off track. I get… Vulnerable. And with that – with them – i simply cannot be at my best. I cannot be the best version of myself.

I don’t know whether i’m close or far from getting to where i’m supposed to be someday. It’s like that joke of the two mentally ill patients who decided to jump the 100 walls to escape the asylum and gave up after jumping 99… The thing with life is that we just don’t know how many walls we need to jump, how many bridges we have to cross, how many times can we be off track.

We just need to keep going.



7 thoughts on “Where Alice in Wonderland and São Tomé meet

  1. May I propose a new thought? More likely, a question that may lead to a one, I hope.
    When you say, “… I slip. I get off track. I get… Vulnerable… cannot be at my best. I cannot be the best version of myself.”
    What makes you or someone decide which is the optimum definition of self? Or, who set the standard of comparison for an efficient person?
    Just your thoughts tell me you are a wonderful person.

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