Lately, in 10 vs 10 topics

  1. I was faced with the hardest part of my job and i’m having growing pains – but that means i’m here, doing what i love; it’s all part of the process of growing up.
  2. There’s a line between those who simply care about you and those who are your true friends – the first ones find excuses, the second ones find a way.
  3. We cannot choose what we feel – but we get to choose how to deal with it and stand for it the same way we once stood for our feelings.
  4. It’s ok to feel free when i’m out of work – it doesn’t mean something’s fading, it only means i need time for myself.
  5. There are people who bring up the best of us – but the best people we have in life are the ones who help us find it.
  6. We can do what’s best for someone else – as long as we keep in mind what’s best for us.
  7. It’s ok to have doubts – it means we’re not taking anything for granted.
  8. Sometimes we need to be off – and that’s not running, that’s doing what we need to deal with it.
  9. No reason to stay is a good one to go – or there could be only one reason to leave stronger than the reason to stay.
  10. Sometimes we feel that we’re giving up – but perhaps we just found out it’s not wirth it anymore.

The word Ten makes me think of the Pearl Jam album and, hence, of this song – and since i’ve listened to it for the first time, the “why can’t it be mine” was replaced by “if it’s meant to be mine”.

I believe in Serendipity…


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