From the OR, with everlasting love

Scrubs!!! -).jpg

When a surgery resident, one needs to keep a database of the patients. We need to know on who, when, why and how we performed a surgery.

Ideally, this should be a daily basis work, but truth is, at least for me, I never keep up with it. I try to gather the patients stickers somewhere more or less secure, and hope for the best.

So lately I’ve been building my database. This might sound like a boring work, but actually I’m having lots of fun with it. I remember the patients, funny stories about them… How pretty his or her eyes were. How excited I was about some surgery, why I draw a smile next to the patient’s name, why I underlined his origin.

I recall the time I spent almost 3 days in a row in the hospital. How I breathed in deeply the OR Scent before that particular surgery for I had been so many time away from the OR (like 1 week or so).

Today I felt my wanderlust itching me like crazy. I did not book a flight to some special place because I’m broke… So it feels good, by the end of the day, to realize I’m a bit frustrated only because lately I haven’t been able to do what I like best. And to feel this special smile from the inside awake again just by letting myself be happy about what really matters to me most.

Even though in this last few weeks things have not been easy on me, for professional and personal reasons, I know I’m still on my way. And I can’t help feeling glad with myself for it.




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