More than this…


Lately i’ve been trying to keep someone above water while, inside, i feel like i’m drowning.

I woke up to a regular day.

My feet stuck in this same old streets – and walking by while enjoying the music.

My life stuck in this lack of alternatives – and smiling with the privilege of having this one.

My heart aching like hell for being just trashed – and nodding nicely because it’s the right thing to do.

But I had this dream tonight. I was there. My feet in the water. It felt like Lush.

(There’s got to be a reason why i keep dreaming about this place. A reason why i feel like drowning but somehow i manage to keep swimming. A reason to have saved you before myself for so long…

So even if it’s time to give up on us, even if the road ahead seems so much barren than before, even if my bright eyes don’t shine behind this cloudy shadows…. I still believe there’s more than this. There’s got to be.)



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