Against my own odds


This is a picture of my hand holding a scissor during a surgery on a 585 g baby.

And this is truly my Against the Odds picture.

I never wanted to be a doctor, until that precise moment in time when i took the decision of becoming one. And if anyone had told me that i would become a surgery resident – a pediatric surgery resident! – i would have laugh out loud and dismiss it with a “no way, that’s impossible!”. Even when i realised who i wanted to become, if anyone told me it would become true, i think i would bent on my knees and pray for them to be right.

On the day i helped the fellow surgeon on this surgery i was in dismay. The reasons are numerous and none of them disappeared.

But on that day i realised that despite all the struggles i’ve been through lately, despite the bittering sadness i still feel – none of that really matters. I’m still on my way – and i’m even more in love with what i do.

And i’ll stay true to myself. And to my heart.




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