The glitter in her eyes 

All she wants is to Glitter on her own. To breathe in the freedom of having no boundaries. The effortless serenity of going with the flow, alone but never lonely. She’s rock solid on her purposes, righteous as a tree aiming for a sky of her own. Her inner self detached from the outside world like a soap bubble floating freely but never aimlessly, shinning in the rainbow colors of her dreams. With arms wide open for the unexpected, the extraordinary. She flies with heart wings, moved by a strong invisible force, in the name of a nameless love. Homeless in the city she lives, a “paradise every time she closes her eyes”, a wilderness spreading in the beauty of the small things that will always make her smile. Selflessly unattainable, reaching for the untouchable horizon, an irredeemable dreamer, stubbornly colliding with the mapless roads of the what’s meant to be.

(And every now and then the dancing shadows cast the corner of who she’s not missing, not thinking about. Not running away from who she still saves before herself, who she locks out while drowning inside. Everglows have no shadows.)


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