An English break_fast I 

I’m at the rolling stairs connecting the subway to the airport when he finds me looking up and smiling. He doesn’t know it but I’m just happy to be there again. Some places are just like our best friends: we’ll always smile when we see them. 

Funny, isn’t it? Getting to the airport by subway, without someone giving us a ride. – he has a warm honest look.

Indeed – I smile again.

He’s a tuk tuk driver heading to Canada. 

I met someone who asked me to show her around when she was here. I did. Now I’m flying to make her return the favor.

And so it begins. The easiness of stories writing themselves, when talking to strangers is just a regular thing. The feeling that someone or something that will change your life is just around the corner. The wanderlust. 

Yesterday I had ear pain for the first time in my life. Ironies. My first diagnosed otitis before a flight. My hopes were night when I felt better in the morning but now we’re landing my ears are killing me even more than when we took off. 

But up above I had this amazing view: the sea, the land and the high peaked snowed mountains in the horizon line. 

This world is so beautiful…. 


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