An English break_fast III

After a surprisingly short trip, I find myself with some free time to wander the city alone. Night settled in. Am I settling in too?… I live in a city I had chosen to leave 4 years ago. Only it suddenly became the right place to be. There’s nothing wrong about it, but I sometimes feel my mind narrowing. I went to have dinner with a friend on a Nepalese restaurant one of these days and while we were talking I found myself counting. I’ve been pursuing the same dream for the past 12 years! I don’t even get myself how long that is.

Anyhow my path brought me to the dark Manchester streets. Should I be scared of walking here alone?… Clearly the shoulds are no issue in my life right now… 

Coffee shops are all closing so I end up finding my seat on a dining near Portland street. I eat, listen to music and write. After a while I find myself reading a medical article on adhesions. Time to move on.

I meet A. back at the train station. We hug. Last time we saw each other was in Santorini. Was that a lifetime ago or only yesterday? We head to Machester’s China Town. The night is ours.


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