An English break_fast V 

– Wake up! A’s soft voice takes me out of sleep, but I manage to Jiggle  in between my dreams for a little bit more.

– C’mon! I want to go out and have coffee and do stuff! 

I usually say I only get up early for work and planes and A.’s definitely the morning person, but the word coffee always has this awakening effect on me. 
A. is eager to show me her hospital so that’s the first thing on today’s menu. It couldn’t be more different from mine, but it’s very similar to some new hospitals I’ve been into. None of them beating the charm of the old monasteries that house my home hospital. 

From there we drive to Birmingham. 
The wind blows insanely when we get there. We walk to Queensway and A. goes straight to the Musem and Art Gallery. We don’t have to pay to get in. The different floors house pre-Raphaelite paintings, old Egyptian artifacts and a Hoard. 

When we get out we almost fly in the streets. We talk about the Children’s Hospital and of course trying a rotation in Paediatric Surgery there is a strong option for me now.

A street musician plays a Coldplay song in his violin. We just wander.


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