The light at the end of the tunnel

2017-02-24 15.14.40

via Daily Prompt: Symptom

When i went to meet her i was full of withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal from nicotine, since i’ve decided that 5 o’clock cigarette would be my last one. From sleep, after a nap that, by all means, was not enough.Physical energy was not at my highest either, since i had this major flu last weekend and i’m still recovering.My soul is also on convalescence. The bug feeling inside me that came out when i was in Nottingham is now a bothersome insect flying over my head every now and then, making me feel trapped in this city.

And there’s also that other void feeling with your name on it. I don’t fight it, i don’t think it. It’s just there. It feels like it always will.

I’ve been doing ER shifts every other day; i (finally) have OR days. And ever since i’ve returned from Greece, the longest time i’ve been away from work were 4 home for Christmas days and the 4 English break_fast days. And since i’m studying for my exam, vacations now are just not an option.

So i was down the avenue, listening to music, as always, thinking that better days will come.

I got to the sushi place a little bit late after printing some motivational pictures to hang in my living room. She was there already, looking good and peaceful – and i felt happy for her, last time she was a wreck.

– Come with me – she invited again

– I would, but i can’t… I need to work…

– Oh c’mon, even if you meet me there some days after.

She insisted, so i checked my calendar.

And guess what? I’m about to book a flight! 😀

The light at the end of the tunnel.


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