Alentejo sudden blues – I

The weather forecast advised stormy rainy days, but I was having days off work and lingering around was just not an option. I need to get out and find new places if I am to feel rested so after 1h the room in Odeceixe was booked.
I woke up late, having not set the alarm clock and lingered around home for a while. I felt like I was waiting for something but I don’t have a clue on what exactly. I had tested the car and was preparing to leave when the thought of my photo machine came to me, so I got off to buy an SD card and went home to grab it. And then I felt I was ready and it was time to go.

The rain seemed insecure about whether to fall or not, but after 5 minutes of heavy rain on the highway, the weather changed to cloudy and then to a full shining sun. It did not take me long to get off to a secondary road.

Living in society means one needs to follow some rules but lately I’ve been feeling that other’s choices are having too much of an impact in my own life. Maybe that’s the reason why at this point I’m feeling so faraway from myself – I’m focused on the effort of abiding but still living by my own rules. That sometimes leaves me in a maze of dos and don’ts and the time between work, study, friends etc is spent trying to figure stuff out.

No wonder then I spend the first miles with my brain working furiously around the same old issues.



At some point I was walking in the sand by a river mouth when I saw a kitesurfer approaching. Instinctively I grabbed my camera and started shooting. I wasn’t exactly discrete but he didn’t start gesturing so I figured it was ok. We met by chance at the beach – either that or he decided to pull over when he saw me. He was amused by the episode and I promised to send some pics if they come out any good.


When I walked back to the car, my mind was already focused on something else – trying to figure out how to finally pay for the kitesurfing lessons I’ve been wanting for so long.



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