I’m going back!!!


This blog started 1 year ago, when i joined a team from MK on a mission in Mozambique. To many, that was just one of my crazy ideas. For me, it was, worst case scenario, a dream coming true and maybe, if i was very lucky, the beginning of something.

A year went by. I’ve been to Greece, Italy, England and Scotland. I had some days off Lisbon with my parents, A., G. and P.  I worked like hell. I’ve gone through some tough things but hey, that’s life! V., T. and L. became my friends. I did some goodbyes and, in the end, it wasn’t that bad. I got closer to A., P. & G.. I’ve made a tattoo and i smile at it every single day.

A year went by. And now i feel sooooo lucky for going back. Scrubs&Jeans packed! 😀



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